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10 products to upgrade your WFH desk or office

Ever since COVID took over our lives and interrupted our work schedules, I’ve noticed myself constantly browsing Target aisles and the Amazon website for little ways to make my home office (okay, I lied— I should have said "the desk in my childhood bedroom that I mostly used as a vanity") more tolerable. I spend approximately 8 hours a day at my desk, so why not make that space one that I can actually appreciate?

After doing research and making some purchases, here are my suggestions to help elevate your desk space and make working from home more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Monitor or laptop stand

Working from home has caused my posture to suffer greatly because my laptop was much lower than my eyes. To fix this, I purchased a laptop stand to raise my line of vision and straighten my neck and back, which were beginning to hurt from slouching all day long. Some people prefer to buy a monitor to also increase their screen's size, but it’s just not a great investment for me because I know I’ll return (or should I say join) an actual office one day and I won’t have space for it in my future apartment.

2. Wireless mouse and keyboard

I don’t know why I waited so long to get a wireless mouse, but it has made my life SO much easier once it arrived. Just remember to get a mouse pad or a desk pad to go along with it! I also purchased a wireless keyboard so I don’t have to raise my hands to type on my elevated laptop, but I wouldn’t say it’s quite as essential as a wireless mouse.

3. Blue light glasses

I always thought blue light glasses were a scam to fool non-glasses wearers, but I decided to give them a chance after I realized my headaches were probably caused by staring at my laptop for hours on end each day. I recently ordered a pack of three from Amazon and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. The lenses have a slight yellow tinge that decreased the impact of the blue light that comes from the screen of my laptop, preventing headaches and other side effects. Bonus: they’re cute and come in numerous stylish frame options! If you’re not much of a glasses person, check out blue light screen protectors, which serve the same purpose.

4. Lumbar support pillow

Because I don’t have a fancy ergonomic desk chair, sitting all day long in my cute-but-uncomfortable chair puts a strain on my lower back. I ordered a lumbar support pillow to help alleviate some of that discomfort, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I can almost feel the relief already!

5. Cord organizers

My cord management skills were nonexist pre-COVID because I brought my chargers everywhere with me, but after months of staring at them beneath my desk making otherwise organized room look unnecessarily messy, I decided it was time for a change. An extension cord, an extension cord box, cord holders and a few zip ties (and a lot of patience) is all it took to make the wires disappear.

6. Comfortable loungewear

Sitting in my pajamas all day makes me feel unproductive, but I also dislike wearing jeans or activewear. Following the lead of countless Instagram influencers, I decided to upgrade the loungewear section of my wardrobe. Target and other stores have cute and affordable clothing that allow you to feel comfy yet not entirely underdressed... above the waist, that is. Some cozy and casual Target brands include A New Day, Universal Thread, Wild Fable and Goodfellow & Co. A few of my UF PRSSA friends recommend joggers, oversized graphic tees and paper bag shorts for ultimate WFH style, though personally I like to wear sweatpants and various soft and plain tees to mix and match (with my favorite pink fox slippers, of course).

7. Headphones

A reliable pair of headphones is essential for being courteous to others in shared spaces and keeping work or school conversations private. What more can I say about the use of headphones that we don’t already know?

8. Speaker

The silence of the WFH lifestyle is especially boring after working in an office in the J-School, so I tend to play music or listen to podcasts whenever I am not on a call. Three of my favorite podcasts include The Happiness Lab, Encyclopedia Womannica and NPR’s Life Kit. Speakers are also good for providing white noise to drown out annoying sounds from a loud city or neighborhood.

9. Stationary

Buying new school supplies always brought me great pleasure as a kid, and the same is true as an adult buying office items. I always buy legal pads and journals to take notes and make to do lists, sticky notes for quick reminders, a cute agenda to keep me focused throughout the week and bright pens to color code my tasks and responsibilities.

10. Fun extras

Finally, I recommend adding anything to your office that “sparks joy,” as organization expert Marie Kondo says. Candles, photos, motivational quotes, oil diffusers, plants, a desk calendar and much more can brighten your workspace and turn your office area into a little sanctuary from 9 to 5. I also keep numerous snacks on my desk and a water bottle that tracks my hourly water consumption.

Is there anything I missed? Let me know your WFH desk essentials!

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