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Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi! Thanks for deciding to explore my website and blog.


While I could use this space to bore you with accomplishments and other regurgitated information from my LinkedIn, I will instead use it to show you my ~personality~.

I decided to create this website to display my previous work and experiences, as well as serve as a platform to publish my own writing- which I hope will help others in their young professional lives!

Throughout my senior year of college, a number of my peers had asked me for advice regarding internships, cover letters and more. At first I was surprised that others trusted me as a source for something so important to their future careers, but after months of meetings, calls and emails with tips and advice based on my past experiences, I realized that maybe my insight has some value that others could benefit. I needed a platform to consolidate this information, so here we are!

In my spare time I like to explore and try various bars and craft cocktails (follow my "foodie" Instagram account @chardonnayandcake)!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or connect with me on LinkedIn!



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