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Read what previous coworkers and supervisors have said about me.

"It is without hesitation that I submit a glowing recommendation for Carly Rogers. As a communications intern at the PRSA Foundation, she reported directly to me and was a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her ability to adapt to change allows her to focus on the end goal. Carly primarily focused on end-to-end campaign execution, social media strategy, and copy editing. She completed each project on time if not early, and effectively communicated any barriers throughout the week in between our regular touch bases. If given the opportunity I would absolutely work with this creative, articulate, intelligent young woman again. Best of luck to her in all of her future endeavors."

     - CARMELLA GLOVER  Executive Director, PRSA Foundation

"Carly is on track to becoming the quintessential public relations professional. As a student, her passion for public relations was inspiring. She is a creative and dedicated individual and I was privileged to have had her in my 2019 - 2020 Bateman class at the University of Florida. Her commitment was instrumental in helping UF returned to the Bateman podium as 2nd place finishers."

     - PAMALA PROVERBS, APR, ABC  Ph.D. Candidate and Instructor, University of Florida


"During my four years at UF, I worked incredibly close with Carly on a number of projects - most prominent are the client teams we managed at Alpha PRoductions. Her flexibility, strategic mindset, innovative ideas and collaborative nature made her one of my favorite people to work alongside. Carly was essential in building Alpha PRoductions to what it is now, and I couldn’t have imagined doing it with anyone else. If we needed hands on a project, Carly was always the first to volunteer and would continually deliver to the highest of quality. She has also become an exceptional leader and did a great job building team morale and overseeing client work from start to finish. Anyone would be lucky to have Carly on their team!"

     - TAYLOR HADDEN  Managing Director, Alpha PRoductions

"During our time together at Alpha PRoductions I reported directly to Carly as an account supervisor. Carly was such a joy to work with because she was more than a boss — she was a mentor. As my boss she did a great job at leading by example. I loved that she gave me room to implement my own ideas and be creative with my team members. She was always there to assist us and consistently stepped up to the plate during crunch times when we needed an extra set of eyes on something. As a mentor, she helped me navigate professional development opportunities by using her own experiences as examples. Carly is truly one of the most intelligent people I have ever met and she would be an asset to any company."

     - AMANDA CARR  Account Supervisor, Alpha PRoductions

"In my first year working at Alpha Productions, Carly served as an advisor for our team of social media managers and event planners. She was a reliable resource and confidant, guiding an under-experienced student team to success in a public relations campaign. Her flexibility, critical thinking and innovative ideas inspired the team to create a D&I initiative within the University of Florida Public Relations Department. She was an exceptional leader, motivator, and friend. I am excited to see Carly continue to flourish as she begins her career. If it is clear enough, I would highly recommend Carly for any team!"

     - RICHARD FORBES  Account Supervisor, Alpha PRoductions

"Carly was a fantastic supervisor at Alpha Productions! She oversaw our team and consistently provided us with guidance to make the best decisions for our client. She always made sure that we had the tools to effectively complete our assigned tasks and keep our client happy. Being a supervisor is difficult because you need to provide support for your team while not micromanaging and Carly really nailed that balance! On top of that, she truly wanted to help advance our professional development while still being caring and thoughtful of situations that may be going on in our personal lives. Aside from our specific team, she provided support to the entire firm and helped transform Alpha into what it is today. She will be missed but her contributions to the firm will live on!"

     - PAULINA SEGARRA  Account Executive, Alpha PRoductions

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